CrossOver Chromium vs. Firefox 3 – Javascript performance results

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Sep 152008

An interesting thing happened on my way to the web today. While reading through my rss feeds, I came across a story about CrossOver doing a Proof of Concept port of Chromium to CX. Interesting since the mighty “g” can’t seem to get it together for Linux. I’ve already downloaded and played with Chromium at work on my XP box and was impressed with the speed. It seemed much snappier than FF3.

So being an overly curious bugger, I downloaded the deb pkg for Ubuntu32. Yeah, it looks pretty rough — but what the hey, it’s a PoC right? So, I thought maybe a little speed test is called for, so I googled “javascript test” and my cloud brain returned, “Sunspider JavaScript Benchmark“.

So I fired it up in the cxChromium port and then it the standard FF3 on Ubuntu. Here is what I saw for cxChromium. I then swing over with FF3 and get these results.   Javascript in FF3 is 2.44x slower than cxChromium.  Man oh Man, is the v8 javascript engine a hummer.

Google App Engine — Runs on Python

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Apr 082008

Now this is truly an interesting development. Google’s just announced App Engine is sure to super-charge the Python community and convert a number of disillusioned developers of other languages in to Pythonistas. There have been lots of interesting comments floating in the blogosphere about what this could mean.

I think it is a great opportunity on a smaller scale than anyone might imagine. Sure, this could serve as the platform for the next YouTube type social-2.x site, but what I think this really means, is that Google is rounding out the Google Apps for Domains by giving the ability to create something more than a brochure-ware style site offered by their current Sites for Google Apps.

Many are looking for Google to use this as an opportunity to expand advertising revenue, and that is certainly possible for widely popular webX.x sites but what they really needed is another tool/knife to hold to the competition’s throats. Looking at the tea leaves in the bottom of my glass, I see something more akin to a SharePoint attack; Going after the S in SMB market.

App Engine allows for authenticating users via Google system, how much longer until we can interact with other Google services in a similar fashion?? Calendaring, GTalk, etc — I’m not talking mashups, something much more refined.

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FreeBSD more Popular than Linux

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May 132006

Google has recently released Google Trends. Google Trends compares different search terms’ usage over time. After reading a post on MDLog about Linux distribution trends I became curious about FreeBSD’s numbers in such a comparison.

So I marched over to and checked out their Top 10 Linux distributions. They are: Ubuntu, Mandriva, SUSE, Fedora, Debian, Knoppix, Mepis, Gentoo, Slackware, Xandros — in that order.

Google Trends shows that FreeBSD is more popular than: Mandriva, Knoppix, Mepis, Slackware and Xandros. While FreeBSD is enjoying good mind share with respect to Linux, it is also behind Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, Debian and Gentoo in the same comparison. So really this article should be entitled, “FreeBSD more Popular than Some Popular Linux Distributions.”

With FreeBSD’s new focus on the desktop, I believe that the mind share for FreeBSD will be going up once again.

If you haven’t tried FreeBSD lately you are doing yourself a disservice. There are many things to like about FreeBSD.

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GMail: Shared Folders

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Oct 152005

Gmail is a great mail interface. I prefer it in many ways to even outlook. There are basically two deficiencies it suffers from currently. One big and complex the other is low hanging fruit that Google should pick today, Shared Folders. I should be able to share a virtual folder with another Gmail user. I would only need to know their gmail username to set it up.

There’s the fruit G-Buddy, now go pick it and let the users go wild.

The other need is a calendaring 2.0 app that is open enough that I can write sync utilities for my phone/palm/pda/etc. Now that is one big honk’in project. I’m confident that some very bright minds are working on it as I type — but we want sharing there too. Also, I assume that they’ll be using vcal and the rest of the standards.

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Google global wi-fi/satellite based Internet ?

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Oct 102005

““With rumors of the GoogleNet and Google Wi-fi in the works and
their latest partnership with NASA, I highly expect Google to
announce some sort of global wi-fi or satellite based Internet
connection for the world’s poor to be announced once this One
Laptop per Child program becomes a reality, which it hopefully
will. Funded, by Google AdWords,” writes Baker.

We knew we were witnessing history. We may not have known to what
extent history was being made.”

Do you think this is possible? “

More than likely, Google is going to help NASA develop a method to index technical information needed by engineers, designers, managers and then astronauts and mooners. Google, while I have high hopes, still has yet to wire a moderately sized city, let alone any city, I would say that the time frame for any plan to “connect the world” on this scale is 15-20 years out. Maybe by the time we have a moon base.

Moon bases — now there is a problem. Finding the information you need a quarter of a million miles away from home. With all the radiation on the moon, it doesn’t lend itself as a easy place for computers. So what they are going to need are rugged dependable computers that can access the data they need quickly. This is what Google does best, searching decentralized file system with localized caching, sort of a moon proxy/cache for lack of a better phrase.

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