Raspian: Configuring for editing Python with vim

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Mar 312016

We have a new Raspberry Pi 3 in the house and I’ve been having some fun getting it setup to edit Python with customized vim. You can see my dotfiles here.

So in a nutshell, I like using tmux + vim + plugins and customizations. The following are some snags I ran into and how to get them sorted.

To get tmux and vim with Python enabled for plugins:

sudo apt-get install tmux vim-nox

I use syncthing to keep my dotfiles in sync on the different systems I develop on.

cd ~/sync/common/config/dotfiles
cd ~
vim +PluginInstall

Before trying to build YouCompleteMe you will need to increase your swapfile size otherwise you’ll die a strange an convoluted death.

sudo vim /etc/dphys-swapfile  
#edit this line

Then reboot. switch to




I returned the CONF_SWAPFILE back afterwards.

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

To get the requests package to run without the Insecure Platform you’ll need to install some supporting libs

sudo apt-get install libffi-dev libssl-dev python2.7-dev

Finally, the default /etc/vim/vimrc has syntax highlighting commented out. So either uncomment it, or as in my case, update your .vimrc to enable highlighting. — First platform that I have had to do this on. It won’t hurt my other installs so I kept it in my own dotfiles.

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