Automating Checklists with nose

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Jan 222008

Grig has an interesting post today about enforcing checklists via nose, Agile Testing: Joel on checklists  Now that is an interesting idea.  I do lots of PCI compliance testing and documenting the tests and procedures is par for the course.  Automating those procedures goes a long way in helping out in this regard. Dora, handles scheduling, running and reporting which makes life nice, but I’ve got a variety of scripts and it would be nice to unify them in overall architecture.  Using nose could do just that.

Interesting things/thoughts happen when your programmers are sys-admins too.  This idea of translating the framework we use for testing code to testing systems has a number of interesting dimensions to it.  Just like Alton Brown, I insist that my tools multi-task too.

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Acknowledging the Elephant in Development

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Jan 222008

There is a great article over on SnapLogic,  SnapLogic Blog Squishy design with Python: Designing in code

The gist of the article is that when developing APIs are never as complete as we want them when we are developing a new system and if you are using a static language you’ve got lots of ramifications to consider and code to rework when you have to expand an API.  However, dynamic languages have a real advantage here and they go on to give a very real example and how they dealt with it.

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Plugin Framework/Architecture

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Jan 222008

There is an interesting write up on plugin architecture — g :: A Simple Plugin Framework

A project that I’m working on is going to require a plugin framework for a number of things: Logic, Data Storage, Reporting and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for papers/articles on plugin frameworks.  Do you know of any resources/articles?

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More Blogging, Faster?

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Jan 212008

ScribeFire has been installed again.  After a tumultuous summer, fitful fall we are in to the Winter.  Time to get back on the post wagon.  There will be more to follow now.

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