Feb 242007

Of late there has been much to do about the crop of Python based web frameworks. Is one superior to another? Currently, I don’t believe so they all have strengths and weaknesses and I could make a good argument for most of them. However, in the midst of this current genesis there are some shining stars that I think are setting the way forward. These stars are not the frameworks themselves but components that are written to be framework agnostic. For example, Paste, WSGI, SQLAlchemy and ToscaWidgets. By supplying these fundamental and highly useful tools, they are empowering the current and future web frameworks.

I think that all of the frameworks should look for commonality that can be shared, that can be improved for the benefit of all. Even if you want to have a full single source stack as opposed to a best of breed stack plugin architectures should be the standard. So advancements can spread between the frameworks.

What about the frameworks? I believe that in the end their will be two major web frameworks, Django and TurboGears/Pylons. Twisted won’t go away and neither will Nevow but they won’t match the popularity of the two majors. However, I firmly believe that all of the frameworks will have similar traits and in time will tend to a center balance point using different toolkits as the “preferred”.

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